Thursday, 31 March 2011

New York

I just spent a fantastic few days in New York City , which in my eyes is the best city in the world . . . What do you know i hear you say !? Well to be honest , not much . . . 

I stumbled across small garden that is maintained by volunteers within the local community surrounding it. Truth be told wasn't one of the nicest spaces that id ever seen , but you could clearly see that it plays a big part in peoples lives. These type of areas really bring people together , people who lets face it , may have never met but for this area of land tucked away deep in the city. Green Thumb was established in 1978 , it is the United States largest urban gardening project. (

Walking towards the high line i noticed this lovely book shop called 192 Books on tenth street at 21st , i couldn't help but go in and have a nose around. These type of book shops really get my imagination going. (

I spent some time walking along the high line which is a park built on a section of elevated train track , its on the lower west side of Manhatten. It really is a wonderful sight. This was the first time id ever heard of it , what a fantastic experience to be walking in such a wonderful space in the heart of a beautiful city. (

View of the Hudson River.

I can imagine sitting here in the summer with a nice cold can of Strongbow : )

Sun loungers that move along the track

Possibly the best pizza Ive ever had ! From the world famous Artichoke Pizza on 10th Avenue (

The Standard Hotel which is built directly above the high line.

Also i found this nice piece on the building 

The look of this building really reminds me of a block of flats not to far from where i grew up in Essex , i will leave you to make your own judgments.

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